MNPS Releases Plan to Turn Around Troubled Schools

Posted at 12:08 PM, Sep 24, 2018

Metro Schools announced a new "four-pronged strategy" after the number of low-performing schools, known to the state as "priority schools," nearly doubled this year.

Dr. Shawn Joseph said the district was "disappointed, but not surprised" when the number of priority schools in MNPS ballooned from 11 to 21. Dr. Joseph's news release called for four steps to turn those 21 schools around:

  1. Refining supports to school leaders
  2. Strengthening instructional coaching
  3. Developing student and family supports 
  4. Growing teacher talent

Dr. Joseph says the district has done well in turning around under-performing schools and cites past successes as proof that MNPS can turn those 21 schools around.

"We need to stop bickering over trivial issues, and we need to unite to support our children," Joseph said.

A parent and blogger who was at the press conference is upset that nearly a dozen schools not on the previous list are now on it. 

"I don't like the little guy getting picked on and let's face it, the kids in our priority schools are the little guys. I don't like them getting neglected but you know I roll out of bed every day and I say why bother? Maybe this is the best we can do," T.C. Weber said. 

Metro Schools will receive $3.6 million in federal funding for priority schools. It's not clear when those schools will actually receive the funding. They are listed here: 

  • Alex Green Elementary School

  • Amqui Elementary School

  • Antioch Middle School

  • Bellshire Elementary

  • Buena Vista Elementary

  • Caldwell Elementary

  • Cumberland Elementary

  • Gra-Mar Middle School

  • Haynes Middle School

  • Jere Baxter Middle School

  • Joelton Middle School

  • Madison Middle School

  • Maplewood High School

  • McMurray Middle School

  • Moses McKissack Middle School

  • Robert Churchwell Elementary

  • Robert E. Lillard Elementary School

  • Rosebank Elementary School

  • Tom Joy Elementary School

  • Warner Elementary School

  • Whites Creek High School

  • Wright Middle School

  • The Cohn Learning Center

Four schools previously on the priority list have improved and were taken off. Those are Inglewood Elementary School, Napier Elementary School, Pearl Cohn High School, and Whitsett Elementary School.

More information on the improvement plan can be found here