Mom Fighting Stage IV Kidney Cancer Wants To Take Her Kids To Disney World

Posted at 9:19 PM, Jun 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-17 23:39:05-04

A single mom with three young boys is in the fight for her life. With the help of social media, friends are rallying around Sarah Owen as she battles renal cell carcinoma.

"About 2015, I was divorced, then 2016 I had cancer, and so 2017 was kind of figuring out my life with cancer," Owen said.

A couple months before she was diagnosed, Owen met her boyfriend, Bryce Cole, through music. He's walked alongside her and taken care of her through her fight with kidney cancer.

"It's been brutal, absolutely brutal," Cole said. "There's weeks when she can't eat, sleep, so much pain."

Photos: Mom Fighting Stage IV Cancer Wants To Take Kids To Disney World

Owen has a tumor in her sternum.

"My chest actually started hurting real bad," Owen said. "It felt like when you get really bad anxiety at first, and then it just kept getting worse."

Chemo has made her weak, but her spirit is still strong.

"Right now things are stabilized, and as long as things are stabilized, I'll stay on chemo," Owen said. "So that could be for the rest of my life or until they find a cure because there's no known cure right now for the type of cancer that I have."

Recently, Owen's friends started sharing her photo with the hashtag #SendSarahsKiddies2Disney.

Now, it's all over the internet.

"I'll be up in the middle of the night looking at my phone and just seeing all the love and stuff and wake him up because I can't sleep because I'm crying because this is amazing," Owen said.

Owen told her friends she wants to take Jude, Eliot, and William to see Mickey Mouse this year.

They ran with the idea, and now a community is rallying around her.

"It's just amazing that there are so many good people in the world," Cole said.

As Owen keeps up with treatment, Cole said they're focusing on finding joy in the little things.

"You got to pursue it every day, and I think that's what we're learning," Cole said. "This can beat you down, but we're choosing happiness. We're choosing hope. We're choosing faith."

You can follow Owen's story on her instagram page here.

If you would like to help Sarah and her kids go to Disney World, you can donate to her fundraising page. Right now, she uses the page to help out with medical expenses. 




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