Mom Remembers Day She Was Injured In Tornado

Posted at 6:59 PM, Apr 07, 2016

During a devastating tornado 10 years ago in Gallatin, Amy Hawkins saved her kids lives by sacrificing her own body.

Hawkins saw the tornado racing toward her home on this day ten years ago. So she took her two young kids to the basement and laid over them.

"I just did what a mom had to do," Hawkins said Thursday on the ten year anniversary of the tornado.

"I think about it less and less, but there is a constant reminder because I am in a wheelchair," Hawkins said.
The tornado demolished her house. It's hard to believe anyone survived. But Amy protected her kids with her own body.

"Had I not done that bricks would have been hitting them. Being ages three and six years old, it would have killed them," Hawkins said.

Ten years ago NewsChannel 5 talked to her 6-year-old son Jair, right after the tornado. He seemed wise beyond his years.

"My mom was protecting us, me and my brother and I feel bad. It just hurted," Jair said. His father, Jarrod Hawkins, who was holding Jair in his arms interjected, "Mom's a hero right."

Jair said, "Well yeah, mom's a hero." Jair has since turned 16, and Cole 13.

Her husband Jarrod is still a Brentwood firefighter -- where he's worked for nearly 20 years.

"I never asked why it happened," Amy said. "God kept me with my children so I am thankful."

Amy councils others who have gone through traumatic injuries. She has been through years of physical therapy and hopes to walk one day.

"No matter what bad things happen there is still always hope," Hawkins said. She said on Thursday's anniversary she wasn't angry or sad. She was thankful - thankful for community support and her family.

"We view it as a day of celebration. A day to celebrate life," Hawkins said.

The community came together and built the Hawkins a new home ten years ago. They had just sold the house this week and are moving to a farm. They remained grateful for all the support they received.