Money Falls From Armored Truck; Chaos Ensues

Posted at 5:50 PM, Apr 25, 2016

Brick Church Pike in North Nashville is not paved in gold but drivers might have thought otherwise on Monday morning after an armored truck dumped thousands of dollars in cash across the busy roadway.

It was just after 7a.m. on Monday when the back doors of the Loomis truck reportedly flew open, bags of cash rolled out and spilled across the roadway.

Drivers were stunned.

"Money was all in the street. In the middle of the street. On the side of the street. On the ditch by the pole. Everywhere, money was everywhere!" said Robert Maxwell who saw the entire incident unfold.

Maxwell said dozens of drivers stopped to see what was happening, some grabbed handfuls of cash and took off.

"It was chaotic. I already thought about motorcycles, cars things I was gonna buy!" he said jokingly.

The 49-year-old sanitation truck driver stopped and helped collect the money after other employees from Loomis showed up to assess the situation.

A spokesperson for the company would not comment on Monday about the amount of money that was lost or how it fell out of the truck.

"They must not have locked the door! I've never seen that happen but on the movies!"

It is unclear tonight how much money was taken by those who drove by and stopped to pick up the cash.

Officials told NewsChannel 5 that they could face charges if they're found.