Water Emergency Declared In Hickman Co.

Posted at 8:03 PM, Mar 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-01 21:03:01-05

Residents in Hickman County were forced to use bottled water due to a contamination caused by flooding and high water levels.

About two weeks ago, Hickman county's water was contaminated, but the problem has only gotten worse. According to Public Works, because recent flooding, crews were not able to treat the water effectively. 

Danny Hudgins said the contamination started on Sunday, but on Wednesday night residents woke up to no running water at all.

Jacquelyn McPeek lives in an independent living facility, and said trying to do normal every day activities has been extremely difficult without water.

"You cant wash your hands, you have to get a bottle of water to wash your hands you can't use the facilities without water to get rid of your waste. You can't take any showers," said McPeek.

The maintenance department handed out cases of water to residents. Anyone in need of water, can get some from crews who will continue handing out water until the problem is fixed.

"We’re looking forward to try to get this under control soon as we possibly can," said Hudgins.

The earliest the water will be running was expected to be Saturday, but it was said to possibly take as long as Monday or Tuesday.