Move-out day looms for East Nashville residents forced to move. Neighborhood begs for extension

Gatewood Community Trailer Park
Posted at 4:09 PM, May 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-31 11:45:09-04

EAST NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Residents at the RiverChase Apartments are getting an extra month to find a new place to live. Down the street, residents in another community want a similar extension.

A new owner took over Gatewood Community Trailer Park in the fall. According to Worker's Dignity, it was sold to commercial real estate investment firm Wedgewood Avenue.

The new owner did let residents live in their homes rent-free for six months, but the last day to move out is May 31.

"They don't care that there is people here that need a place to live, and can't find a place because they can't afford it," said Linda Frazer, a resident.

Linda Frazer lives in the Gatewood Community Trailer Park. She also used to help collect the rent, so she knows her neighbors well.

"They're people. People don't deserve this," Frazer said.

Five of the roughly 20 families do not have an immediate permanent replacement.

Up the road at RiverChase Apartments, the 51 remaining residents there are getting more time to find a new home. According to CREA, the firm that plans to demolish the apartments and rebuild on the property, the one-month extension to June 30th will help residents move to preferred new home locations in Davidson County or neighboring communities.

"[I'm] very grateful because at first, I stressed a little bit about it," said Jackie Amos.

RiverChase resident Jackie Amos is close to signing a new lease, yet if she needed it, she now has 30 extra days in her current home. Amos is working with P.A.T.H.E. — or People's Alliance for Transit, Housing and Employment — to secure a new, affordable home.

"It actually makes me feel good that... you know... they're thinking about us and trying to place us in places. That to me makes me feel like they have heart," Amos said.

As for the Gatewood community, Worker's Dignity has asked the new owner of the mobile home community for a two-week extension.