Mt. Pleasant Man Worries Part Of His Home May Collapse

Posted at 9:59 PM, Sep 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 23:33:13-04

MT. PLEASANT, Tenn. -- A mid-state man said he has been in a dangerous waiting game -- worried his own home is going to fall out from under him.

That's after a sinkhole opened up at Mike Carroll's home in Mount Pleasant a year and a half ago.

While that sinkhole has been repaired, Carroll said his home has still been slowly sinking – cracked foundation and small depressions in the land around his home were evident.

City engineers have told Carroll nothing can be done as long as he's still living in his house. That's because Carroll said the problem that caused that sinkhole has been a deteriorating storm drain that runs right under his home.

For now, Carroll has been waiting for help from anyone while his home still stands.

He said he’s now living on a fixed income after a heart attack, and if he were 30 years younger it'd be easier to leave.

“I would do what I had to do to be away from here, whatever it took, whatever it cost,” Carroll said. “But that's not an option anymore.”

Carroll said city engineers planned to come back to his house once again Monday to take another look at the problem.