Mum supplies diminish as customers start decorating early

Posted at 4:50 PM, Sep 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-30 21:10:26-04

PLEASANT VIEW, TENN. (WTVF) — Some Tennesseans decided to decorate early for autumn, and some farmers have low supplies of mums.

Owner Candace Kizer said they only have 350 mums left out of more than 1,700 at Pleasant View Nursery and Florist. Kizer said, "It’s really weird because I thought well people are out of work, it’s not guna be a good year, as it’s turned out, it’s been a pretty good year."

Customers came out weeks earlier than usual for mums according to the manager. Susan Woelkers said, "We had a lot of people doing fundraisers, schools that kind of had to make up the money that they would normally add, which I think that’s one of the things too that made them go off the lots so fast."

During planting season, they weren't sure if the economy would tank or rebound due to the pandemic. It was hard to know how many to plant. Kizer said, "The stimulus checks came out and it seemed like everyone was going nuts."Another factor was some couples pushed spring and summer weddings to fall which has the flower industry racing to keep up.

Candace said while there are rumors of a shortage, it's not true. Her mums are actually thriving and look beautiful because of record rain. Kizer said, "Yellow is my favorite color, and I grew a lot of yellow didn’t I?

They believe people started decorating early because it's been a tough year, and fall makes people happy. The first week of October is a good time to stop by the nursery on Highway 41-A as a nonprofit will be there for a fundraiser. They do flower delivery to nearby cities too.