Murfreesboro Woman Becomes Latest Victim In House Rental Scam

Posted at 11:12 PM, Oct 13, 2016

A Murfreesboro woman thought she was headed toward home sweet home this week, only to find out she got ripped off with the latest house rental scam.

On Monday, Tammy, the victim of the scam, said she arrived at a home in Murfreesboro. She said she had just found that home for rent on craigslist and was meeting with the woman she thought was the homeowner.

After that woman drew up a lease for her, Tammy handed over a $2,000 deposit, and the woman handed the keys for the house over to Tammy.

But the next day, the real homeowners showed up -- and Tammy realized she had just been scammed. The woman who gave Tammy the keys had disconnected her phone and she was no longer able to get hold of her.

“I'm really, really pissed,” Tammy said. “$2,000 is not chump change, it's a lot of money.”

This rental scam is almost a carbon copy of a scam we told you about last week in Murfreesboro, where a homeowner listed his home on Zillow to sell it, but someone got the address and listed it as a rental on craigslist.  No arrests have been made in that case.