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My Hero: The Ranch TN and Duke the Dog

Posted at 8:45 AM, Jan 06, 2023

(WTVF) — As we celebrate our heroes in the mid-state this new year, our January 6th "My Hero" nominees are a little bit different because they include a place and a pet.

Angela Miller of McMinnville described how over the last two years, she was in a "dark place" with her mental health. She says with her family by her side, she got the help she needed at The Ranch, TN in Nunnley.

Now she says with alumni outings led by Scott Cothran and weekly in-person or virtual meetings, she's doing well. She believes they saved her life.

"The Ranch TN saved my life in so many ways more than I can put in one email! This is why I would like to nominate the Ranch TN as a my hero story!" Miller wrote.

Meanwhile, in Jackson County, Tennessee, several people nominated a special town hero dog named Duke.

Linda McNew said he belonged to her friend, Chevelle Johnson. She says for years Johnson tried to keep him from wandering, but that, Duke felt the need to make his daily rounds and cheer people up along the way.

"You would see him along Hwy 56, at the hardware store and at Dollar General," McNew said, adding that he even had a bed by the Dollar General checkout.

Sadly, Duke was hit by a car and passed away in December, but community members are planning a statute memorial to honor this hometown sweetheart.

If you would like to nominate someone for My Hero, send us an email at

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