Nashville Assistant D.A. Resigns After Mistake In Domestic Violence Case

Posted at 10:03 PM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 23:25:23-04

An assistant district attorney resigned over a mistake connected to a dramatic shootout between officers and a man police said was holding his family at gunpoint.

The suspect, Michel Guirguis, ended up getting shot by officers and is now under arrest.

The Nashville District Attorney’s office confirmed that an assistant district attorney in charge of prosecuting a case that led up to Tuesday's shootout has resigned after he made a mistake.

The Nashville D.A.'s office confirms Assistant District Attorney Fred Pickney has resigned after he failed to alert Guirguis' wife that he'd been released from jail the night before Tuesday's shootout happened.

The resignation stems back to a case involving Guirguis, his wife and kids on Sunday morning.

After an argument between Guirguis and his wife, she and their kids went to her friend’s house to get away from Guirguis.

But police say Guirguis showed up at that house as well, and wouldn't leave.

Guirguis was arrested and ended up with an Aggravated Criminal Trespassing charge.

But the D.A’s office says that charge was retired Monday night, and Guirguis was released from jail.

The problem: Assistant D.A. Pickney who dropped the charges didn't tell Guirguis' wife, which he's supposed to do.

That all led to Tuesday morning, when Guirguis came back to his wife’s home and then held her and his daughter at gunpoint, leading to the shootout with police.

The DA’s office says Pickney resigned because he felt so bad about the case.

Guirguiss now faces several counts of attempted criminal homicide, along with other charges.