Carjacking victim's husband warns other residents of attack

Posted at 3:43 PM, Jan 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-23 19:21:49-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A Nashville woman is still on edge after her SUV was taken from her at gunpoint as she was unloading groceries.

New white brick tall and skinny homes tower over the the Hillsboro West End neighborhood. With development, sometimes comes unwanted activity. Tony Zahorik said his wife is still haunted by what happened.

Zahorik said, "On Sunday afternoon, 3 in the afternoon, bright sunny quiet day in the neighborhood, she pulled up, she was unloading groceries and some other things, and let the dog out of the car and he was pulling on the leash and she turned around, and there was a pistol right in her face."

Zahorik's wife handed over the fob to her 2016 Silver Nissan Rogue with her dog Tigger by her side.

Zahorik said, "Strangely enough, he was going to back out and said 'look out for the dog!' So not the worst human being on planet earth."

Fortunately his wife wasn't injured, but the carjacking has kept her up at night.

Zahorik said, "When she looked in his eyes, she didn't see the soul of evil or anything, he looked like just a dumb young guy who evidently was concerned about the dog so it wasn't as if she was peering into the edge of hell or something, but still pretty scary."

Love Circle Park is known for its view of downtown Nashville, and it's a place where neighbors frequently walk in the afternoon. A brazen carjacking is not common in this area.

Zahorik said, "Things are obviously changing. It's alarming."

Neighbors have reported car break-ins and stranger danger incidents in the Belcourt Avenue and 32nd Avenue South area.

To help fight crime, Zahorik and his wife invited neighbors over for dinner to discuss it.

Zahorik said, "Given the turnover, I don't know many people around here right now."

On Monday, police spotted the stolen SUV on Gallatin Pike North.

Zahorik said, "Saying that he'd crashed the car up in Madison and then jumped out and carjacked another car and it disappeared."

With the suspect in the wind, they want the community to be on high alert.

Metro Police are processing the car, hoping to collect evidence. If you have information on the carjacking suspect, call police immediately. You can also call Crime Stoppers for anonymous tips at 615-74-CRIME.