Nashville customers say laptops held hostage at tech shop

Simply Mac
Posted at 5:17 PM, Jun 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-20 13:32:54-04

UPDATE: On June 20th after the story aired, the bankruptcy court entered an order to allow the trustee to enter into an agreement with Apple to get property returned to Simply Mac’s customers. The timeline of return is unclear.


Nashville customers said their laptops and phones are being held hostage at a local store that closed due to bankruptcy.

At Simply Mac, Anna Teeples started a trend. She left a couple of notes on this storefront after the Apple specialist closed unexpectedly, and other customers followed suit.

Note on door
note on door

The laptop she brought to the shop to be fixed is one she uses for her home design business.

"It’s not Simply Mac’s. It’s not Apple’s. I bought this. It’s my livelihood, and I just would like it back," Teeples said.

It turns out, Simply Mac filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on June 14 in Utah. The Attorney General has reached out to the trustee about what happened to Tennessee customers.

Court document
Court document

Zouhair Elmaliki said he worked at the store for a decade before starting his own business.

"Honestly coming from Simply Mac, I wasn’t expecting it. They are a big firm. I think they have about 50 stores nationwide, so I was surprised to hear that especially when I picked up a computer Wednesday. Everything was smooth and no problem at all," Elmaliki said.

Then the next day, he couldn't get his $3,000 laptop because the doors were locked.

"Very expensive," Elmaliki said.

It's unclear when they'll be able to get their property back.

"It seems to me that common sense should prevail in all of this," Teeples said.

She had to figure something out in the meantime.

“Luckily there’s other providers in town that have helped me get a temporary computer, but it’s been unbelievably frustrating," Teeples said.

NewsChannel 5 was not able to reach Simply Mac's bankruptcy attorney because their office was closed on Friday.

The landlord called NewsChannel 5 and said the court proceedings are "leaving everyone at a loss" including him.

He was advised he can't enter the business or show it to future tenants due to legal proceedings.