Nashville Fathers Combat Teen Violence With Love

Posted at 10:44 PM, Apr 20, 2018

A local organization aimed at preventing acts of teen violence is sharing a message after recent senseless violence.

Dads Against Destruction, a community group which is made up of about 50 members, targets youth and young dads to spread awareness about crime.

CEO Phillip Hawkins who grew up in Nashville says crime, specifically involving teens, has worsen since his childhood.

"You have to love these kids man. You have to let them know that they are human too. They are scared. A lot of them are just scared that they're nervous. They don't know what they're doing," Hawkins said.

He said his group also wants fathers and father-figures to show teens unconditional love and support in and out of a household.

"We got to start looking at these parents, the parents need to start being held accountable for what’s going on," he said.

This week, Metro's Juvenile Crime Task Force arrested a teen involved in a car jackings and two shootings. In a separate incident, 14 teens were arrested following a school brawl.

"We have a task force to go after these teens. Why not have a task force for us, the nonprofits to help our teens. They don't need to be locked up. They just need a hug. They need somebody to show them they love them," Hawkins said.

He acknowledge gang crime has decreased and wants the trend to continue.

Police said the Juvenile Crime Task Force has been operating for two months and the department has seen a decrease in crime but the crimes are getting more violent. 

Hawkins invited the community to participate in the Third Annual Father and Son Softball Game on June 9th at Hadley Park. For more information contact Hawkins at 615-753-9355.