Nashville Label To Release New Chuck Berry Album

Posted at 7:37 PM, Mar 22, 2017

Chuck Berry's final studio album will be released on June 16 by Dualtone Music Group, based in East Nashville.

The album, titled "CHUCK," was announced in October on Berry's 90th birthday, five months before the rock pioneer's death on Saturday. 

"CHUCK" is Berry's first album in 38 years, and Dualtone Records says eight of the 10 new recordings were written by Berry, who worked on the album until 2014.

“There’s a little more perspective on this record just given the age that he was when he was working on it," Paul Roper, president of Dualtone Music Group, said. 

According to Roper, Berry worked on the album for decades, writing and recording in his home studio, and Berry continued to oversee production and enlisted his family and a friend to help complete it.

In addition to Berry's children and grandson, the album features performances by Nathaniel Rateliff and Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello.

Parts of the album were recorded in Nashville, the album was mixed in Nashville, and the cover art for the album was completed by Nashville artist and Belmont grad Rachel Briggs. 

The album includes a track titled "Lady B. Goode," described as a spiritual sequel to one of Berry's biggest hits, "Johnny B. Goode."

“It makes a statement sonically, lyrically, and performance wise." Roper said of the album. "It’s fantastic and really at the top of what Chuck did throughout his career, and I think that that is gonna be a great stamp at the end of his recording career.” 

The single can be heard and purchased on Chuck Berry's website, and the album can be purchased through Dualtone Records' website