Nashville leaders believe benefits of East Bank vision will be felt across the city

Posted at 12:54 PM, Sep 08, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Nashville leaders are continuing to work on the future of East Bank. On Thursday, Mayor John Cooper as well as leadership from Metro transportation spoke on the community questions about the Imagine East Bank vision plan.

The proposal to redevelop hundreds of acres along East Bank and the Cumberland River were announced in August.

One of the questions Mayor Cooper said they receive often is how the East Bank vision will impact them if they don't live near it.

Cooper says for starts; it will make travel through Nashville easier.

"It’s not the traffic is coming to your neighborhoods; It’s taking it from neighborhood and flowing it through the city more easily."

Under the draft the East Bank Boulevard will connect to existing streets, including intersections like Jefferson street and others to make access to downtown easier.

There will also be the connection over I-24 to Cleveland Street and Dickerson Road.

This connection, which will include bike lanes and sidewalks, and accommodate transit for riders.

"We are going to be able to do new design standard for our city that's going to make it even more walkable," said Diana Alarcon, Director, Nashville Department of Transportation

People say there are some good ideas in the plan.

"More emphasis on public transit would be a very welcoming addition to Nashville," said Evan Fortune-Cabrera.

But on the other hand, Fortune-Cabrera and his wife joined others who say they would like to see the city make infrastructure improvements right now to neighborhoods that need it the most.

"We want to see it everywhere not just in somewhere where all of the focus is being directed traditionally as a tourist area."

Metro will take public comment on the draft plan through Sept. 30.

Officials focused on the transportation section and how it will benefit neighborhoods across Music City.

As noted in a memo released by city leaders, benefits include:

  • Making travel to and from North and East Nashville easier
  • Adding a critical hub for Nashville’s mass transit network
  • Reducing the need for local interstate travel by adding a core north/south transit spine
  • Creating a seamless experience for cyclists, walkers and runners across the city
  • Improving regional connectivity and creating new opportunities for neighborhoods

An in-depth explanation for each of these points can be found in the memo below.

If you're looking to give feedback on the vision plan and how it impacts you, click here.