Nashville Man Raises $23K For Kesha

Posted at 8:34 PM, Mar 08, 2016

A Nashville man has raised more than $23,000 for a pop star, embroiled in a lengthy, legal battle.

Kesha has been fighting with her record label to allow her to make music without her producer, Dr. Luke. The star claimed the producer assaulted her, both mentally and physically. She asked a judge to let her out of her multi-million dollar contract with Sony, but a Judge denied that request. 

Brandon de la Cruz was immediately struck by the emotional pictures of the pop star in the courtroom. 

"It was a really powerful image, and that's what sparked me to start the campaign," de la Cruz said.

The campaign he is talking about is unfolding on GoFundMe. In 17 days, $23,000 has been raised. 

"I'm kind of blown away by it," said de la Cruz.

On the page, the campaign creator features stories of others who are helping out Kesha. Several people on the page are giving up profits from their Etsy websites in order to help the Brentwood-born star.

But, it's the stories de la Cruz didn't write that have proven more valuable than the amount raised so far. 

"I think [the campaign] is much more valuable as a resource for people that have been sharing their stories, coming forward and having a dialogue about the things we need to do," he said.

Several of the supporters have been posting messages of support, but some have also posted messages of their struggles in abusive relationships. 

"From one rape victim to another, I hope you are able to get out of this nightmare. Can't wait to hear all the material you've written in this trying time," said one supporter who donated $10. 

de la Cruz said he hopes this page shines more light on the challenges and judgment sexual assault victims have to handle.

"There's a lot of things that aren't really known and that's part of the issue, " he said. "Part of the problem with sexual assault is that that's how it works sometimes."

If you want to donate or read the stories of survivors, click here. De la Cruz said he is waiting to hear back from Kesha's publicity team on how to donate all of the money raised.