Nashville Mother Loses Two Sons To Gun Violence

Posted at 8:12 PM, May 25, 2016

A Nashville mother became the face of a growing problem - gun violence in Music City - when she lost both her sons in separate shootings.

In August 1999, Yolanda Mason lost her eldest son, Montrell, in a shooting outside of a nightclub. Earlier this year, her song, Rodrick was killed outside of a home on 14th Avenue.

Montrell's murder has been solved. His killer is serving a life sentence.

Rodrick's death, however, is still not solved. The grieving mother struggles to answer why someone would want her son dead.

"Even if he had enemies, who would want to shoot him 12 times," she asked.

Yolanda was at a family birthday when she got the call that Rodrick had been shot. She said she ran to the scene only to find that he had already been rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. 

She arrived with just minutes to say goodbye.

"While I was in there talking to him, his heart stopped," she said "I was hoping he heard me, but I talked to him, held his hand then his heart stopped."

His heart stopped. Her heart broke.

"Losing another child? That's two sons that I lost to murder, and it's hard," she said. "It's hard but I'm trying to cope with it. It's real hard."

Since his death, Yolanda has been on a mission to find her son's killers. Metro Nashville police said they believe there may have been two gunmen who left the scene is a gray or green Nissan with custom rims and tinted windows. 

"I'm not going to give up. "'m going to get justice. It might take two or three years, but I'm going to get some justice," said Yolanda.

If you know something that could help police with this investigation, call 615-742- 7463.