Nashville musician and baker hands out 'Kindness Cookies' to the homeless

Posted at 11:26 AM, Jan 30, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Nashville's homeless often experience judgment, along with cold and hunger. Molly Adele Brown is a musician and baker who believes kindness is the most important ingredient.

When she's not singing or mixing cookie dough, Brown is walking downtown Nashville - greeting everyone.

"I'm a singer-songwriter who moved from New York down to Nashville, Tennessee," she said.

Brown says it was the time she spent in New York that inspired her to help the homeless.

"A lot of the time the homeless population doesn't feel like they're seen," she said, "You can always give money. You can give clothes. There's something about giving a cookie that was genuinely made for this person that makes it special."

Every month, Brown gets a group of friends together to make "Kindness Cookies." She delivers hundreds of them to the Nashville Rescue Mission or hand delivers them with a smile.

Brown says her experiences inspire her music and says writing songs to bring about social change makes her heart sing. She hopes her work both on stage and in the kitchen will change music city for the better.

"Music is so crucial in the city and it's the best way to get people to listen," she said.

To date, brown has prepared over 100 batches of cookies which helped feed approximately 1,000 people around Nashville.