Nashville volunteer efforts continue to help flood victims in Kentucky

Posted at 5:14 PM, Aug 01, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WTVF) — More projects are underway to help our Kentucky neighbors by getting supplies to some of the hardest hit areas.

Volunteers in Nashville got together Monday morning to pack hundreds of boxes of essentials for the victims of the floods.

Since the morning, volunteers with The Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort got to work.

These volunteers are packing everything from canned goods to toilet paper to help flood victims.

"People were losing family members, and it’s just heartbreaking to watch. You want to do whatever you can to help them out — to show them love and to show them that people care and are helping," said volunteer Jessica Peak.

Peak is a member of the West Liberty Church of Christ in Morgan County Kentucky. She lives just 35 miles from some of the hardest hit areas.

She made the trip to Nashville to help.

"I know some of the people that have been directly affected. I know people who have lost everything. So, to me, this was important for me to do to help them," said Peak.

Peak said that 10 years ago, she was relying on the help of volunteers and donations to get by, so returning the favor came naturally to her.

"In 2012, we were hit with a tornado, so we received assistance from here. So, to us, we’re paying back the same thing we received," Peak said.

The Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort has already sent boxes by truckload to some of the hardest hit areas.

They're prepared to send more.

"We've sent four, and then we also sent one to California for this wildfire. And so, this gives us another five, and well, they're all spoken for, going to Kentucky," said Mike Lewis, executive director of The Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort.

Lewis said as long as there's a need, volunteers will find a way.

"It’s a heartwarming thing to see all these people, and they want to help," said Lewis.

Volunteers will be back on Wednesday to pack more boxes.

Anyone interested in signing up to volunteer can visit the Disaster Relief Effort website.