Nashville's 'BODE' is a group-friendly travel alternative

Posted at 7:50 AM, Jun 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-14 08:50:30-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Travel trends are changing. More and more guests are traveling in groups and looking for unique stays. Now there's Bode,Nashville's group-friendly travel alternative.

It's not a typical hotel lobby. There's no designated-seating, no ornate decorations. Instead, it's fire-pits and swings, rocking chairs and ping-pong tables. There's a lounge and cafe -- even a place to tailgate.

"There's a little concert area over there," said Bode CEO, Philip Bates.

Bates says living and traveling are merging and this hotel concept on the South side of Music City reflects a millennial desire to travel in groups and live like the locals.

"Take all the elements of the best boutique hotel and take all the elements of the best Airbnb you’ve been to," he said, "[We] increasingly like to travel with other people and when we’re with those people we like to travel in ways that can really enhance the experience we have with them."

Nashville is their first location.

"People coming for concerts, Predators games, bachelorette parties, work events," he said.

You can choose from two to four bedroom units with kitchens, living rooms, sometimes balconies or even backyards. Bates says he's convinced once you stay at Bade you'll feel right at home.

Bode also has a location in Chattanooga and they have plans to open other locations on the West Coast.