Nashvillians struggle amid heat wave

Sophie the dog
Posted at 5:14 PM, Jul 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-20 20:46:02-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Nashvillians are sweltering in the next heat wave, and doctors are urging people to be careful.

Sophie the pup was rolling around in the grass to stay cool while Ellen Dennis walked her in the shade by their apartment.

"It’s been a little rough," Dennis said. "I try to get her morning walk in, and evening, but because she’s so little and has so much energy, we have to do a couple during the middle of the day, which makes it very hard in this heat."

Nearby, photographer Nita Reddick was working outside. She takes iPhone photos of influencers and musicians like Sammie Rae through her business NitaInNashville Photography.

She works fast so her clients don't suffer from heat exhaustion.

"I try to avoid shooting outside during these times,” Reddick said. “I have to make sure there’s at least shade somewhere for my client because I don’t want them to sweat in their photos."

Ironically, Sammi Rae said the heat wave is worse in her hometown.

"I’m from Texas, so it kind of feels like home today. I’m used to playing late-night shows, so I’m not very used to sunlight anymore, but I think it’s nice out,” Rae said.

Dr. Anand Popuri at TriStar Summit Medical Center said people need to be careful outside during a heat advisory — especially if they have lung issues.

"They’re going to be breathing harder, breathing faster, so having a rescue inhaler is important," Popuri said.

He said they've treated people for heat exhaustion recently.

"I think they’re just using a lot more energy just to do regular things — walking the distance to your mailbox or walking your dog a block — it’s going to be tough," Popuri said.