National Weather Service tracks Laura’s impact on Middle Tennessee

Posted at 4:43 PM, Aug 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-28 19:30:15-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WTVF) — The National Weather Service here in Nashville has been busy keeping an eye on radar.

NWS already issued a tornado warning for Davidson County and says we could hear more throughout the night.

What was Hurricane Laura is now a tropical depression. NWS says that doesn’t mean weather won't possibly get severe through out Middle Tennessee.

We are in the peak of hurricane season.

"We are expecting a few waves of thunderstorms in the storm some of which are moving through right now I’m going to produce heavy rain some gusty winds up to 60 mph an hour," said Dan Hawblitzel NWS science and operations officer.

The weather service says when tropical systems make land fall in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s not uncommon for them to keep going north and impact parts of Tennessee, sometimes as even far north as the Midwest and Ohio valley.

They go to say when we’re dealing with the remnants of a tropical system like we have now, it’s not really like what we’re used to seeing in the late spring and early summer with big storms, lots of lightning and hail; instead they'll make smaller storms.

They say because the storms are small doesn’t mean they’re not a threat.

"When you’re looking at radar they will look a lot smaller, weaker but when it’s with a tropical system they can still produce and do produce tornadoes. Even though they might look a little weaker on radar. So we just have to be extra vigilant and be sure that we’re monitoring everything that much closely," said Hawblitzel.

Another thing to remember, scientists says the rain from these systems fall quickly.

"We’re monitoring everything that much closely and getting warnings out that much more sooner because they don’t have that typical appearance of other storms in this part of the country," Hawblitzel said.

A second round of rain and storms pushed through the mid-state around 4 p.m.