7 things that will make the ultimate dorm room care package

Posted at 2:59 PM, Aug 09, 2016

It’s tough for parents to send their kids off to college. But once you get over your own heartache, remember that while your baby will probably be having a blast at all the welcome parties, they will probably also feel overwhelmed, unsettled, and in need of many random things.

You shopped together for all the basics, and now’s the perfect time to send a few extras to help them settle in. Here are some things that can make up the ultimate college care package.

Remember, prices are subject to change and it’s helpful to stick to a budget while shopping so you don’t overspend or rack up unnecessary credit card debt. (You can keep track of how your current debt levels are affecting your credit by viewing your free credit summary on

1. Kikkerland Felt Bedside Pocket

Price: $20 on

This chic felt pocket is perfect for space-challenged students. It hangs from the side of the bed and holds more than you would expect. I keep a couple magazines, an e-reader and a pair of glasses in mine.

2. WITTI BEDDI Alarm Clock

Price: $99 at WittiDesign

This super-smart clock does all sorts of helpful things, from playing music and charging a smartphone to waking them up with a soothing light. It can be customized (and controlled) via a mobile app for iOS and Android. I can’t guarantee that they’ll get up in time for class, but you can give them the tools!

3. GoodHangups

Price: $14.99 on

GoodHangups are a magnetic system for hanging wall art without damaging walls — perfect for personalizing a new living space. They work on most surfaces, from plaster to glass, and on posters measuring up to 24 x 36″.

4. Cube Trunk

Price: $169 at Dormify

These square trunks don’t take up much space but store a ton and function as a small piece of furniture, providing a flat surface for bedside necessities or decorative objects. The trunk is waterproof and resistant to dents, so it should hold up no matter what those kids do to it. Available in 12 colors.

5. Kent Bayside Cruiser

Price: $99 at Wal-Mart

If they’re not bringing a car to school, this cruiser bike may be just the ticket. The bike is stylish and high quality, and offers a smooth ride for an amazing price. Ship it straight to campus for them to assemble (it’s easy) or check their local Wal-Mart; some locations offer complimentary assembly with “site-to-store” delivery.

6. Turcom AcoustoShock Wireless Speaker

Price: $89.99 at Wal-Mart

This water- and drop-resistant speaker offers a clear, booming sound for pumping tunes in the dorm. It plays for 7 hours on one charge and charges smart devices as well.

7. FitKit — Total Fitness in a Kit 

Price: $34.99 at

With their busy schedules, who knows if they’ll ever get to the gym? This kit brings the gym to them with flat and tube resistance bands, a jump rope and hundreds of online exercises.

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