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Archbishop apologizes for ‘errors in judgment' amid clergy abuse scandal

Posted at 1:22 PM, Sep 03, 2018

There was a cry from the crowd as Cardinal Donald Wuerl asked for forgiveness Sunday during mass in Washington, D.C.

The cardinal was apologizing for his errors in judgment after a grand jury's report found Wuerl to be at fault for covering up child abuse by clergy in Pennsylvania.

But for many who watched, his words weren't enough.

“If this is his statement, it doesn't really cover what was unveiled in the Pennsylvania investigation,” says parishioner Mary Challinor.

The investigation found more than 300 priests were credibly accused of abusing more than 1,000 child victims since 1947. The report also revealed Cardinal Wuerl failed to deal with the priests while he was bishop in Pittsburgh for nearly 20 years.

The archbishop of Philadelphia has asked Pope Francis to cancel a bishops' conference focusing on youth in the wake of the crisis.

Meanwhile, Weurl pushes for bishops and lay people to find a solution together. But many are still calling for him to step down.

"He should resign,” expresses Challionor. “I think he should understand that just because you didn't mean to do something, doesn't mean that there weren't terrible consequences for lots of people.”