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Grocers face whipped cream shortage

Posted at 7:15 PM, Dec 16, 2016

If you're a fan of canned whipped cream, you may want to stock up as the Washington Post reported that there is a shortage of the sugary substance this holiday season. 

The reason, as the Washington Post reported, is due to a shortage of nitrous oxide. The nitrous oxide shortage was triggered by a tragic accident in August. The accident killed one person, and has decreased the supply of nitrous oxide to a number of outlets nationwide.

Nitrous oxide is used to keep canned whipped cream fluffy. It is also used for medical uses, and is the main chemical in laughing gas. 

The Post reports suppliers who use the gas for medical purposes will get priority as quantities increase. 

A representative of Conagra Foods told the Washington Post that the shortage has affected its supply of Reddi-wip.

“Due to an industry-wide supply issue, there is currently a shortage of some whipped toppings, including Reddi-wip,” Conagra Foods spokesperson Lanie Friedman told the Washington Post.

The good news is whipped cream is easy to make at home. Click here for a basic recipe of whipped cream.