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It's a boy! Cincinnati Zoo reveals gender of Fiona the hippo's sibling

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Posted at 5:15 PM, Aug 08, 2022

CINCINNATI — It's official, Fiona the hippo is a big sister.

The Cincinnati Zoo confirmed Monday morning that Bibi gave birth to a baby boy!

“Bibi and the baby are doing great together. They are inseparable, which is why it took almost five days to be sure about the sex,” said Cincinnati Zoo's director of animal care, Christina Gorsuch. “They will continue to bond inside for another week or two. Fiona and Tucker are outside, so visitors will still be able to see hippos when they come to the Zoo.”

The infant was born late last Wednesday night. Since the news broke of the birth, fans have been working hard to come up with name ideas.

Bubbles, Melon, Fibi, Petunia, and Glow are some of the names on social media.

And the Cincinnati Zoo wants to know all of your name ideas. You can submit your suggestion directly to the Cincinnati Zoo by clicking HERE.

Zoo officials said the new baby looks huge compared to its first baby hippo star, Fiona. Keepers estimated that the newborn weighs about 60 pounds.

"Fiona only weighed 29 pounds when she was born six weeks premature and wasn't able to stand on her own," said Gorsuch.

The baby's estimated due date was set for Aug. 15, but caretakers said a hippo's birth window could be 30 days before or after that estimation.

Zoo officials said Bibi and her newborn would be kept separated from 5-year-old Fiona and 19-year-old Tucker so that mom and baby have plenty of time to bond.

Hippo keepers shared this adorable video of Bibi and her new calf and said, "It looks like Fiona's world-famous ear wiggles run in the family."

Don't expect to see Bibi and her newborn right away.

They will not be in front of the public, but the zoo said members have access to live cams in the outdoor habitat and can watch all the action at Hippo Cove from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day.

Christian LeDuc at WCPO first reported this story.