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Mental health apps help ease anxiety, depression

Posted at 3:55 PM, Oct 29, 2019

One in 25 people deal with mental illness every day, according to the National Alliance of Mental Illness. Many of those people are turning to apps to help ease anxiety or depression.

Psychologist, Dr. Cameron Sepah says he sometimes recommends certain apps to his patients to use as tools when they aren’t at the office seeking treatment.

However, Dr. Sepah does have warnings for users.

“Companies like Goop have been very publicly bashed for promoting stuff that falls into astrology territory," said Sepah.

Because apps aren't regulated, they are allowed to claim whatever they want without having to show proof.

Find out if the app's claims are based on evidence or if they have studied a large population rather than only five people.

Dr. Sepah says to, “go on their websites and look at the claims. Do they even have publications based on something you are familiar with?"

Also, watch out for certain wellness apps.

“Meditation is obviously a very helpful way of training your attention and that can obviously have beneficial effects when dealing with mild to moderate anxiety or depression, but it's not a replacement of holistic treatment.”

There are even apps that allow you to call and text licensed therapists. But, Sepah says for those, seek medical professionals to give it a thumbs up.