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'Uranus Examiner' newspaper name concerns some

Posted at 10:07 AM, Sep 13, 2018

PULASKI COUNTY, Missouri — The people behind a new newspaper called 'The Uranus Examiner" are getting a lot of feedback, and it isn't good.

According to KY3 in Springfield, Missouri, the name of the Uranus, Missouri newspaper was announced by its managing editor, Natalie Sanders, on Wednesday.

Sanders said the weekly newspaper was almost named the Uranus Constitution, but the people who read the paper and support it helped to come up with the "Examiner" name.

After the name was announced, a local mayor said she would not support the name because of the innuendo that she said would cause ridicule for the cities the newspaper covers.

She suggested the name Pulaski County Examiner. Others expressed concern to KY3 regarding the name's innuendo.

It is not clear whether the Uranus Examiner name will be changed. The first issue of the weekly newspaper is expected in October.

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