‘Natural Meaning' Bill Draws Its First Lawsuit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Days after Governor Bill Haslam signed it into law, the "natural meaning" bill has drawn its first lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Davidson County Chancery Court on behalf of lesbian couples who are expecting children and fear the law’s language will impede on their rights as parents.

The bill HB1111, also known as the “natural meaning” bill, states that undefined words should be defined by their natural definition.

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awsuit Filed Against "Natural Meaning" Bill

Originally, the bill included specific words such as “mother” and “father,” but that language was pulled from the legislation which passed through the House last week. Governor Haslam signed it into law on Friday. 

LGBT groups have called the legislation unconstitutional.

"Everybody involved who tried to pass the bill was warned this was coming, it was not an idle threat. We mean business when it comes to protecting our families," said Chris Sanders, Executive Director of the Tennessee Equality Project. 

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