NeighborhoodLIFT Grants Given To Low Income Homebuyers

Posted at 5:27 PM, Oct 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 19:26:11-04

To help with low income homebuyers, a group offered $15,000 to Middle Tennesseans who qualified.

As Nashville and the surrounding area sees ever increasing growth in property values, the need for lower income housing has been a hot topic. Wells Fargo, NeighborhoodWorks, and Affordable Housing Resources got together to create a grant for people who need extra help. It's called NeighborhoodLIFT. LIFT stands for "Let's Invest For Tomorrow."

"We're really trying to help people that may not be realizing they could afford a house," said Patrick Carrin, Area Manager for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. "So, we have brought grants to the community. We're hoping to help 210 plus people buy houses that wouldn't be able to do it any other way."

In total, $4.2 million was pledged for the grants. There were 500 appointments made.

Carrin said they're working with people who are first-time home buyers and people who have owned before.

"They're going to counsel them on where they are, where they need to be, and what they need to do to get there," said Carrin.

The program has been aimed at low-income professionals, such as nurses, teachers, or first responders. But anyone can apply as long as they're under 80 percent of Nashville's median income, an equivalent of about $55,000.

"This would be a great help," said Zana Matthews. She along with her husband, Larry Matthews, were approved for the grant and hope to put it towards a three or four bedroom home in Murfreesboro.

"[We want to] find a home that was suitable for our family. Because we do have a large family. We just wanted to say we have something that is ours," said Matthews

Though everything was booked at the Music City Center event, they do accept walk-ins.