Neighbors On Edge After Property Stolen, Chickens Killed

Posted at 9:58 PM, Jul 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-07 08:33:08-04

GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. - Sheila Lehane said her tranquil neighborhood was violated.

“We've been here six years nothing like this has ever happened,” she said. “This was well-planned and well thought out.”

She woke up to find her granddaughter’s windshield broken, and money and an iPad inside were gone.

And she said the crooks didn't stop there.

The next door neighbors said some of their tire rims were moved to the back of the property and left, as if for later.

“It bothers me quite a bit,” said homeowner Dale Kramer next door.

But what happened two doors down from Lehane was much worse. The family’s truck was missing expensive items and the new above-ground pool was slashed from top to bottom.

And neighbors said the family has kept chickens in a shed in the backyard. Lehane recalled when they saw the shed was tampered with.

“She [the homeowner] didn't approach it, she called her husband, he waited for the police as well, he didn't want to open it,” she said.

But they saw their fears eventually confirmed.

“[They] killed the chickens from what I understand with the bolt cutters,” Lehane said.

She said those cutters were left in her backyard, along with tools and equipment from her neighbor’s home. She heard a noise Wednesday morning while investigating her granddaughter’s car and thinks the vandals ran, leaving them behind.

She said along with the tools and equipment they found a black hoodie, a red wristband, and a pair of socks she believed belong to the criminals who made a fast getaway. Police confiscated all but the socks.

“We’ll watch a whole lot closer, listen a whole lot more,” said Kramer, discussing how the folks on Green Acres Drive have been on edge.

They’re angry at the vandals for disrupting the peaceful street.

“They need to get a life and get a job and leave other peoples stuff alone,” Kramer said.