Neighbors Say Late-Night Google Fiber Construction Is Too Loud

Posted at 11:09 PM, Oct 20, 2016

Some mid-state neighbors have a lot of questions for Google Fiber—namely, what all the late night racket is about.

Neighbors in Green Hills say a contractor was working late at night -- past 11 o'clock this week on Bedford Avenue, with a jackhammer and other loud tools.

A foreman on the project told neighbors they were working for Google Fiber.

While a permit does allow the contractor to work that late at night, some neighbors want the company to make sure the installation doesn't disturb nearby neighbors.

“I feel like there should be a balance,” said David Widmer, a Green Hills resident.  “I have no problem with an overnight work permit, if it’s not disrupting our neighborhood.”

NewsChannel 5 reached out to a representative for Google Fiber, but did not hear back.