Neighbors step up, help drive sisters to dialysis treatments after winter storm

Strangers step up, help drive sisters to dialysis treatments
Posted at 11:13 PM, Feb 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-21 06:59:59-05

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WTVF) — With the dangerous roads many found themselves trapped at home this week, but for Jennifer and Shawn Stine's two daughters staying home meant missing their dialysis.

"So they both missed two treatments when we realized there was going to be another wave of us not being able to get out and that was when the fear set in," said Jennifer Stine.

After their 30-year-old daughter found a good Samaritan on Facebook who drove her to treatment, the Stines turned their attention to their 23-year-old still at home.

"I was saying to him," Jennifer said pointing to her husband,"'you think I should go on Nextdoor and ask?' and pretty quickly people started responding."

Two of those people were Angela Marshall and Nancy Yarmuth.

"As a mother, it kind of pulled at my heartstrings... so I couldn't imagine having a child that needed to go get help, so that's where we messaged her and told her that we could help out," said Marshall.

"I feel lucky that I was able to help them because it makes me feel good as well. But to help somebody in such a simple way, just no thought about it- it's an easy thing to do," said Yarmuth.

The overwhelming response from volunteers left the Stines relieved - their worst fear may not come to life after all.

"They keep saying it's this little thing but it helped beyond what they know," said Jennifer Stine.

The Stines received dozens of offers. In the end, five complete strangers stepped up and made sure their daughters wouldn't have to risk their lives by missing their dialysis.

"I think it just reminds us all that even with all the isolation of the last year - it's humanity. It's one person at a time helping in the smallest way possible. [It] reconnects all of us together," said Yarmuth.