New Drug Uses Embalming Fluid To Get High

Posted at 10:14 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 00:03:29-04

A drug that has made it's way into Tennessee uses embalming fluid to get high, and it has experts very concerned.

The drug is called "wet" and experts said it can lead to hallucinations, convulsions, even death.

It's a cigarette that's dipped in embalming fluid and oftentimes mixed with PCP.

Counselors at Addiction Campuses in Franklin said they started getting calls on this a couple of weeks ago, and decided to send out an alert about it.

Officials with the Addiction Campuses call center said people report minor intoxication with it, but there have been other documented cases of the drug killing some people who use it.

They said others have even committed murder while high on "wet."

Embalming fluid isn't readily available in traditional stores, but some manage to get hold of it online.

“A person who wants to get high will find a way to get high, and they will use anything they have at their fingertips to get high and to feel better,” said Brian Sullivan, with Addiction Campuses.

Sullivan saaid the counselors at Addiction Campuses have a difficult job because as soon as they study the latest way people are getting high, another new drug appears.

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