New multimillion-dollar animal shelter under construction

Williamson County Animal Center
Posted at 5:00 PM, Dec 03, 2021

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WTVF) — A new multimillion-dollar animal shelter is under construction in Franklin due to overcrowding at the current facility.

When you walk into the new Williamson County Animal Center, you're greeted with a modern chandelier. "This area will be mostly designated for doing adoptions," said Scott Pieper, community outreach coordinator.

Around the corner is the "purr palace." "That area back there will be eventually screened off, and that’s what we call the 'catio,' so the cats will have the opportunity to go through their little door there so they can spend some time outside," Pieper said.

The new shelter is expected to increase animal intake capacity by 20%. "This building was designed to meet what the need will be in Williamson County 20 years from now," Pieper said.

Dogs have indoor and outdoor kennels. Pieper is looking forward to more space too. “It is a little bit overcrowded," Pieper said. "My office was a storage area in between intake and kitten corner."

So far, the project's price tag is $18 million. Around $14 million came from taxpayers and the rest from donations.

Eventually, they’re also going to have a public dog park as well. The current facility doesn't have an area for livestock, but this one will. "It’s really not uncommon for us to get a call about a stray donkey," Pieper said. "Or even a cow recently,"

They also have a surgery center and X-ray capabilities, which will create jobs. "We’re going to be able to provide more services to the public, we’ll have a full-service spay and neuter clinic," Pieper said.

You can see the animal shelter from the new Mack Hatcher extension. The entrance is off Old Charlotte Pike not far from Westhaven. They hope to be open in early 2022.