New traffic plan for NASCAR weekend at Nashville Superspeedway

Posted at 10:52 AM, Jun 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-23 17:01:31-04

WILSON CO., Tenn. (WTVF) — A new traffic plan aims to smooth out the speed bumps from last year's inaugural race at the revamped Nashville Superspeedway. NASCAR roars back to the track for a triple header weekend in Wilson County Friday.

The track is located on SR 452/Bill France Blvd, near the Wilson-Rutherford Co line. The easiest way to access the track is on I-840, which drivers can access from I-40 and I-24. Take I-840 exit 65 (for SR 452) and follow the signs.

You can also come in from the east, using Hwy 231.

This year you cannot use Couchville Pike to approach on the back roads. That exit will be closed to race traffic.

After last year's signature race was delayed due to gridlock, staff have included parking in this year's ticket price. That will alleviate the need to stop and pay to park upon entry and staff hope significantly speeds up the entire process.

"People had to stop and give money to an attendant, and then because most of them hadn’t been here before, they were asking questions to the first person they encountered which slowed things up again," explained Nashville Superspeedway President and GM Erik Moses.

The track had been dormant for nearly a decade before last year's races.

Ride share vehicles will drop off at the intersection of Sterling Marling Dr and Nashville Superspeedway Blvd, southeast of the track.

And more officers will help direct traffic this year, instituting one way traffic flows to try to move cars in and out faster.

If you like to follow GPS, the WAZE app has all the correct routes and closures.

This year the track has also purchased 2,600 additional parking spaces across McCreary Rd, just west of the other parking.

"We'll load people off from both sides of McCrary Road at the same time, getting them out to the cars into a parking spot and into the venue much faster," Moses said.