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'I was trying to save my wife, my boy,' father fights for justice after deadly DUI crash

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Posted at 1:23 PM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-08 19:31:59-04

SMYRNA, Tenn. (WTVF) — A father is fighting for justice after his son and wife died in a tragic DUI crash last December.

George Danylov cannot understand why the man charged with killing his four-year-old son and his wife is out on bond and still able to drive on a restricted license.

William James Andrews, 38, was on probation for a prior DUI in Smyrna, when investigators say his truck swerved across the center line into the SUV driven by the Danylovs.

The crash happened on the Goose Creek Bypass in Williamson County - just five days before Christmas.

Andrews was charged with multiple counts of vehicular homicide and was initially ordered held without bond for an earlier DUI in Smyrna.

But in July, a Smyrna judge reduced his bond to $5000, which he was able to post, and Andrews is now out of jail with a restricted license.

"I had a beautiful, happy life before the accident on December 20," George Danylov said.

"It happened so fast that I didn't say goodbye to my wife and to my son as well," Danylov said as he held back tears.

Prosecutors say Andrews was "intoxicated" when he "recklessly" killed Olga Danylov, 35, and Nicholas.

"I miss my boy. I miss my wife," Danylov said.

Andrews now faces 10 charges in Williamson County - including vehicular homicide and vehicular homicide with a prior DUI conviction.

Danylov is angry that Andrews is free on bond - and even able to drive on a restricted license - despite the fact he was already on probation for a prior DUI.

"I think the system is failing me and I just got to fight for my family," Danylov said.

NewsChannel 5 Investigates obtained a 911 call to Smyrna Police in December of 2019 - one year before Andrews hit the Danylovs.

"He's all over the sidewalk," said a male caller.

"Yeah he needs to be off the road," said a female on the same call.

Two callers reported a Dodge Ram truck was crossing into oncoming traffic in Smyrna.

"He's swerving all over the road. He almost hit us, and he almost hit other vehicles on Sam Ridley," the caller said.

Smyrna Police pulled the truck over and arrested William Andrews.

According to their report Andrews "struggled to answer questions and remain awake."

When asked what day of the week it was, he responded "Smyrna."

Toxicology reports showed fentanyl was in his system.

Five months later Andrews was convicted of DUI.

He served 2 days in jail - the rest of his jail sentence was suspended, and he was put on probation.

Months later he applied to have his driver's license reinstated - a judge ordered him to put an interlock breathalyzer device in his truck - which shuts it down if alcohol is detected on his breath.

But remember Andrews was found guilty for having drugs in his blood...not alcohol.

Then last December he drove into the Danylov's.

"I was a passenger. I was trying to save my wife. My boy," Danylov said.

But only he and his daughter survived.

George remembers promising his daughter the man who killed her mom and brother would go immediately to jail - because he was already on probation for DUI.

At first, Andrews was held "without bond" - deemed an "imminent danger to others."

But after he spent a few months in rehab, Smyrna Judge Lynn Alexander granted him $5000 bond and he was able to get out of jail.

Attorney Andrew Nutt represents Danylov and said, "When you are charged with felonies and you are on probation there is no right to a bond. It's completely discretionary before the court."

Danylov warns everyone that life can change in an instant.

"Anyone can be in my place. He can go out and do the same thing he did in our case," Danylov said.

He doesn't want anyone else to face the pain he's enduring.

"Right now he is in the streets. Why? I don't get it," Danylov said.

Andrews is due back in court in Smyrna next week.

The Danylov family hopes he is held in Smyrna for probation violation until he faces trial in Williamson County for the deaths of Nicholas and Olga.

We reached out to an attorney for Andrews who declined to comment.