Full Audit Of Autumn Hills Impossible, Many Financial Records Nonexistent

Posted at 9:24 PM, Mar 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-22 17:20:17-04
According to the Metro Nashville Auditor, there's no way to tell whether money was misspent or not by the previous managers of Autumn Hills. But the Auditor told council members there's no way to do a full audit.   
This is close to $900,000 of taxpayers funds they got there," Metro Councilman Jim Shulman remarked.
"Based on the work we've done so far we have yet to be able to find anybody who could produce a financial report," Mark Swann, Metro's Auditor, revealed at a council committee meeting Tuesday afternoon.
Councilman David Briley's reaction?
Swann explained, "The credit became so bad that nobody was going to advance them (Autumn Hills managers) anything so if you needed to buy food you had to go to the grocery store and pay (cash)." So like literally they would go to a bank and get cash?"
That is my understanding," Swann replied.
But for council members like Jim Shulman, that's not enough. 
We can't guess and I know there are receipts in different places, but the question is we should be able to account for every dollar that we gave to them and they should be able to account for it as well so we make sure that it was spent appropriately," Shulman stated.
Meanwhile, the city cut ties with the previous managers in late January and has a new company now running Autumn Hills.