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Nashville con-man who pretended to be a doctor sentenced to 20 years

Posted at 3:01 PM, Mar 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-20 16:01:08-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — George David George, 64, will spend the next 20 years in federal prison.

Judge Bill Wilson handed down the sentence in federal court Monday after hearing testimony about new crimes George committed while on the run from the law over the last two years.

Nashville man on run from the law pretended to be a doctor, treated patients

Prosecutors called witnesses that revealed "a swath of crime and deceit across the Southeastern United States."

His deceit ended in Florida after George claimed to be a Harvard educated doctor and gave pills to a 16 year old boy he treated for depression.

The 16 year old's mother testified via video from Florida that she thought George was a psychiatrist.

George had stolen a man's identity in Huntsville, Alabama and opened a doctor's office near Jacksonville called Beach Family Therapy.

The 16 year old wound up in the emergency room after taking the pills that George gave to him.

George was scheduled to go to trial back in 2017 for stealing nearly $3 million from investors in Brentwood.

But before his trail began, he cut off his ankle monitoring bracelet and fled to Houston, Texas.

He used fake IDs, changed his name and opened a stock trading business.

Jennifer Newby testified that she answered an ad on Craig's List and became an assistant to George.

She had no idea her new boss was a fugitive on the run from the law.

He later scammed Newby and some of her friends out of money and left Houston.

Another woman who testified on Monday said she George met on a dating website after he moved to Florida.

She said she fell in love with him and they moved in together.

She thought he was a psychiatrist and she asked for help with the medication she was receiving for depression.

Prosecutors showed that George took the woman's pills and gave them to the 16 year old who wound up in the emergency room.

George's demeanor changed in the courtroom when Judge Bill Wilson handed down the 20 year sentence.

Judge Wilson said he rarely scolds defendants when sending them to jail, but in this case he felt obligated.

He said he doubts there is a cure for what is in George's heart.