Squatter Who Charged News Crew With An Axe Must Leave Home

Posted at 4:32 PM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 19:15:29-04

A squatter who took over a Mt. Juliet home is being evicted.

Jude Pischke has two weeks to get out of the home on Nonaville Road.

Our investigation found he has lived in home for more than two years despite having no legal claim to the property.

His eviction comes after he charged our NewsChannel 5 Investigates crew with an axe last month when they tried to question him.

NewsChannel 5 Investigates said to him, "The bank says you have no right to be here."

Pischke responded, "Get the fu** out of here."

He then went to his truck and picked up an axe.

"Alright, alright," NewsChannel 5 Investigates said.

"Go Godd*** it," Pischke said.

"We're backing up. We're leaving right now," NewsChannel 5 Investigates said.

"Leave Godd*** it," Pischke said as he swung the axe in the direction of the news crew's feet.

Pischke was already on probation. Mt. Juliet Police arrested him that night for aggravated assault.

Attorney Jeff Cherry represented Pischke.

"When I was able to meet with Mr. Pischke after his arrest one of the first things he said was he couldn't believe he responded in the way he had," Cherry said.

Pischke spent two weeks in the Wilson County jail before striking a deal that included him leaving the Mt. Juliet home.

"He was served while he was in jail with what, for lack of a better word, is an eviction notice," Cherry said.

Before pleading guilty to one count of reckless aggravated assault last week, Pischke made a deal with the Bank of New York Mellon to get out of the house by June 4th.

The judge that released him on probation warned him not to return to the home after that date.

Mt. Juliet City Commissioner Ray Justice said the house had become a nuisance and that neighbors were upset about the number of cars parked in the front yard.

"You guys have followed up and been a blessing actually in helping us take care of this," Justice said last month.

His attempts to the contact the banks that owned the home went unanswered for years.

"I was making calls to the banks and getting voicemail, leaving voicemail and getting no return," Justice said.

Justice believes the banks were forced to take action after Pischke picked up the axe and charged at the NewsChannel 5 Investigates crew.

No one was hurt.

Witnesses say moving vans have already started removing things from the home.

If Pischke is not out by June 4, it would be violation of his probation and he could be sent back to jail.

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