North Nashvillian Celebrates 105th Birthday

Posted at 9:10 PM, Oct 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-22 00:13:32-04

A lady who was born in 1912 celebrated her 105th birthday recently. On Saturday, her family had a party for her in North Nashville.

"And I thank God for my grandchildren," Lula May said. "I have so many of them. I have 92 grandchildren and 137 great grandchildren, and I don't know how many great great great because they're still coming." 

May raised 15 children.

"They're my children, and I never had a bit of trouble out of them," May said. "And I thank God for that."

Her family described her as a woman of faith. 

"She just always tells people she's blessed. Everyone asks for her secret, and she just says she's blessed! And that she is," Fedarica Crutcher said.

The family made shirts that said "Mama Dear is Alive and she's 105! Established in 1912."

May is still spunky.

"I tend to my own business," May said. "And leave other people's business alone! And they know what they want to do, and I try not to correct them." 

So what is her advice for living a long and happy life? She said to choose love over hate.

"I like everybody. I don't hate anyone. That's just the way I am," May said.

May was a nurse back in the day, and she went to Tennessee State University, according to her grandchildren.

She spent her free time tap dancing and bowling.

She's also on the mother board at Belle Meade Primitive Baptist Church.