Number Of Lake Accidents Increases

Posted at 5:27 PM, May 31, 2016

From cliff jumping to a hover board accident, the list of injuries at Percy Priest lake has continued to grow.

Officials with the TWRA said someone was injured on a hover board on Monday.  It's a device that's usually attached to a jet ski, and the person on can be shot up into the air.

The said a man was 20 feet in the air when there was some kind of malfunction, and he fell towards the water.  But instead of hitting the water, he landed on the jet ski and cracked 13 ribs and broke several bones.

Also Monday, Nashville rescue crews responded to Elm Hill Marina after a woman hit her head while cliff jumping.

TWRA officials said they do not recommend either using hover boards or cliff jumping, especially this year, when lake levels are so low, and people misjudge how deep the water is below them.

"There could be timber down there, there's a lot of rock in Percy Priest, and there's a current, so there's always new debris coming through that could be washed into an area you don't know about," said Barry Cross with TWRA.  "It's not a good idea to go jumping into a lake without knowing what's there. "

The use of hover boards is legal on Tennessee waters -- as long as the people using them are following the same rules as people out on boats.