Influx of homes being built in Cheatham County

Posted at 9:13 PM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-05 22:13:47-05

Homes are being built left and right in Cheatham County. Older homes are being torn down, and tall and skinny homes are popping up.

Patrick Smith, the register of deeds, calls it the "donut effect."  

Smith said, "I would assume it's sort of because we're the last outpost so to speak in terms of growth in the donut counties around Davidson County."

As population soars, developers are looking outside the box. 

Smith said, "This to me is a place that's close to the urban center of Middle Tennessee but yet far enough away to still have some of the characteristics of a small town in a rural area."

Smith said they're recording an influx of land transactions.

Smith said, "So just based on the volume of recording in our office, we've gone from around 7,000 instruments recorded a year in 2014 when I assumed office, and then our last complete year we recorded about 9,000."

He attributes part of it to the easy commute. When he used to drive to Nashville for work, he said it would take him 30 minutes most days. 

Smith said, "Obviously I'm biased having lived here 58 years but it's one of the best communities to be in. I worked in Nashville most of my professional career and I would have calls saying 'wow you drive from way in, way out from Ashland city' and meanwhile they're sitting on I-65 going to Franklin for an hour."

Smith said 80% of Cheatham County residents commute outside of the county to work. 

Smith said, "Frankly they're quite surprised that it's not that big of a commute, we're only 12 miles from Briley Parkway." 

As this small city keeps growing, tall and skinny homes now tower over the sight of rolling hills.

Smith said, "Just anecdotally I see a lot of people come in to our office that say they've moved here from West Nashville or South Nashville and they're always talking about how pretty it is out here."

The register of deeds said the north end of Cheatham County is also growing. Neighborhoods are being built on the I-24 corridor.