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Nashville high-rise Broadstone Gulch caters to chefs, foodies

Posted at 8:33 AM, Nov 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-01 09:40:00-04

Music City loves its artists, but not all artists play guitar. Now there's a new apartment complex, catering to foodies with their demonstration kitchen. 

Even pro chefs like City Kitchen's Michael Gilbert have "kitchen envy."

"I do not have this [kitchen] in my house. I want this in my house," he said. 

Broadstone Gulch is a new apartment complex and the first residential high-rise to open in the Gulch in more than four years.

"The food scene has exploded and the talent that we have in this town is easy to tap," said Ben Owenell, Development Director at Alliance Residential. 

He says cutting through the clutter and filling a building these days is all about location, amenities and creating community.  

"Not only provides a service for tenants but also providing a service for that chef or that artist - saying 'Hey I loved his food I'm gonna follow him on social media. I'm going to follow him where he goes. I'm going to eat at his restaurant,'" he said. 

Gilbert was invited to the property to demonstrate different menu ideas. He says performing in front of dozens of people had him nervous initially. Still, he says introducing new tenants, who many be new to Nashville, to area businesses is a perfect paring. 

"I see it being beneficial just from a friendly neighborhood community thing as well as a business standpoint. These people will hire me for their parties in their gigs," he said. 

Each month the complex will be inviting a new chef. Click here for more information.