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On The Rise: Documenting The Changing Face of Nashville

Posted at 7:59 PM, Sep 17, 2018

As Nashville continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the Frist Art Museum is embarking on a new community sponsored exhibit to help document both the pros and cons of the city's growth.

The exhibit is being called "Connect/Disconnect: Growth in the "It" City," and all of the photos in the exhibit are being submitted by Davidson County residents. Officials with the museum say they hope the exhibition will explore the rising connectivity between neighborhoods and communities, and the potential for disconnection between people of different socioeconomic classes during a time when an estimated 100 people a day are moving to Nashville.

"It's important to document things like this because as a city our growth has become an issue for everyone here, better or worse," says Shaun Giles, Assistant Director of Community Engagement for the museum.

Submissions are being accepted until the end of September. Winners will be announced and displayed in March of 2019.

Entries can be submitted here.