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Parking App 'ParkMobile' Encourages Drivers To Pay On Their Smartphones

Posted at 7:17 AM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 08:23:05-04

Nashville is growing and that means more people and less parking. 

Most of us stand in line, then try to remember our license plate number and the spot we parked in.

Now Michael Iamele with ParkMobile says there is a better way to pay at lots around the city. 

"We enable [drivers] to get out of their car, skip the line for the meter, and instantly paid directly on their phone," he said. 

ParkMobile partners with existing lots like Premiere Parking. ParkMobile is available in many other cities so users can it to park in other places besides Nashville. 

Iamele says app users can even pay ahead of time and reserve a spot, making event parking less stressful. 

"As cities grow like Nashville, one of the biggest benefits to those cities is the economic progress that goes on downtown. The economic vitality," he said.

Iamele says the best part is the peace of mind. No need to feed the meter or watch the clock obsessively.

"Fifteen minutes before your parking session is about to end we send you a push notification. That notification not only reminds you your session is about to end it also enables you to extend the time if you want to," he said.