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Residential Buildings Adapt To Online Shopping

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 19:18:07-04

Apartment and condo living has increased exponentially in Nashville with people moving toward the center of Nashville in neighborhood such as downtown, The Gulch, Germantown, and Midtown. 

Coinciding with the growth of downtown living has been the growth of online ordering from Amazon and other retailers, meaning people are getting packages delivered to the residential buildings, which in turn, are working to accommodate them.

15 years ago, an entire apartment complex may have only received a few packages a day, but in 2018, they're receiving more than they ever have before. 

"We started seeing that these apartment managers are starting to suffer from package overload," Melody Akhtari, director of marketing and communications for Luxer One, said. 

Luxer One is a company that has created package lockers where delivery drivers can drop off packages for residents where only the residents with a special code can access their package. 

"The resident associated with that delivery will get a text message or email notification with a one-time use access code to pick up their package," Akhtari explained. 

Luxer One takes out the possibility of porch pirates stealing a package and allows a resident to pick up their package when convenient to them, and many Nashville buildings have started using Luxer One, as well as UPS Stores, and other businesses. 

"Today, apartment managers are getting 50 to 75 packages a day for their residents," Akhtari explained, adding that Luxer One can alleviate a lot of the work placed on apartment managers. 

Still, many apartment and condo buildings do have an apartment manager or concierge that will accept deliveries and hold them until a resident can pick them up.

It has become so much of a part of residential living that many buildings have started creating rooms and accommodations for their residents in the planning stages of their buildings, as online deliveries aren't going away.

"It's estimated that package delivery is going to continue to grow 20% year over year," Akhtari said.