One of Two Nashville Abortion Clinics Closes Its Doors

Posted at 9:13 PM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 10:29:20-04

Nearly 2 million people call the mid-state home, and now only one clinic in the region is available for women to get abortions.

That's after Nashville's only other clinic, “The Women's Center,” abruptly shut its doors this past weekend.
Other clinics outside of middle Tennessee are at least two-hour drives away, some even more.

Planned Parenthood says the closure marks the next step in what they say is a bigger problem: the ever-shrinking number of places where women can access healthcare.

“The greater focus ought to be on what is happening to patient rights and access to healthcare they need --- in that context this clinic closure is pronounced,” said Francie Hunt with Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood

For its part, the group “Tennessee Right to Life” said on its webpage in reaction to the closure:

"...approximately 70,000 unborn children have been killed [at the facility] while an equal number of mothers and families have been irreparably affected forever."

"Please join Tennessee Right to Life in thanking God for this answer to prayer and for all who have offered prayers, sacrifice and finances to hasten this long-awaited day,” it continued.