One Week Later: Clarksville Service Dog Still Missing

Posted at 4:56 PM, Sep 18, 2018

A service dog for a little boy with Autism has been missing for one week. The family says they have received calls from as far as Canada, but there has been no sign of the Bernese Mountain dog.

"I sat in the living room and prayed that he would come back," said Ashton Zamora.

A little boy seeking divine intervention. Asking for his service dog Chance, to find his way back home.

That's a 9-year-old's prayer living with Autism. 

"Chance helps me with most of my problems. Like my nightmares," said Ashton.

Zamora says the last week has been difficult. The Bernese Mountain dog went missing from the family's Clarksville home last Tuesday, and Ashton's mother believes he was taken.

"There's no way a 100 pound black dog just disappears into thin air," said Debi Zamora.

"I have hope because Chance would never forget us," said Debi.

But Debi Zamora is beginning to lose hope, making a post on Facebook telling the thief to be kind to Chance. 

"Just love him. Just be good to him. He deserves it," said Debi.

Sometimes people with autism have difficulty recognizing emotion, but Ashton tells us it's not hard for him to see his mother's heartache.

"I still love Chance a lot and I know she does too. But seeing my mom cry it just makes me cry too," said Ashton.

A desperate plea from a family, just hoping Chance comes back home.

Contact Debi at (931) 249-8118 or Lourdes at (697) 261-0525 if you know where Chance might be located.